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elcome to michiganbatremoval.info.  Our intention of building this web page is to allow home owners and commercial property managers to understand the benefits of bat removal in Michigan.  Michigan Bat Control Inc. only provides the most humane bat removal and control procedures. We are proud members of Bat Conservation International and consider all steps to provide a safe and humane removal and relocation of bat colonies. We are glad to help home owners through out the state of Michigan. We are located in South East, MI however we haven been all around the state to help out with bat problems. We have been to Traverse City, Petoskey, Canadian Lakes, Mears, Tawas City, Harbor Springs, and some areas even in the Upper Peninsula just to name a few. Our daily service area serves all of South East, MI, greater Lansing, and greater Ann Arbor areas. 

How to Get Rid of Bats in Michigan? 

When getting rid of bats there are things to consider.  The size of the colony, the area the colony is located, male or maternal colony, and what season are you in WinterSpringSummer, or Fall.  

All professional wildlife companies and bat exclusion specialists know that the correct way to get rid of the bats is through a bat exclusion.  Do not poison or trap bats, it won't work

Bats are excluded from your home or attic through a "Live Bat Exclusion" Process.  This is done by bat proofing your home with screen, caulking, caps, etc. Also a one-way trap door is installed at the entry point so the bats can get out but not get back in.

Michigan Bat Extermination- Exterminator Service
Bat Extermination Bat extermination is a term many people may think to use when looking for a bat removal company.  We do not use poisons or pesticides like a pest control company.  We are not exterminating the bats from your attic or home, but simply excluding the bats by relocation to an alternative living area. When thinking of bat extermination think of bat removal or bat control.   

Michigan Bat Pest Control

Bats are mammals just like you and I.  Don't consider bats pest when thinking of what to do with your bat problem.  If you assume they are pest you may immediately think to call your local "pest control" company to take care of your problem.  No "pest control" or " bat exterminator" company will know the proper way to get rid of the bats.  Pest control services generally use pesticides and primerly only take care of insects and small rodents.  Pesticides will only make your problem worse.  The bats are creatures of habit and will react badly to poisons, fogs, or chemicals.  Most of the time the bats will die or end up in your living quarters.  

Think of a bat removal company and not a pest control company when dealing with your bat problem. We have skilled techs that deal with this issue on a regular bases.  We know where the bats enter home, how to get rid of them, and repair any openings to bat proof your home. 

Michigan Bat Problems- Chimney, Attic, and Home

Bat ProblemsThrough out many years in the bat removal and control industry we have visited many residential homes and commercial properties with bat problems. There are several types of bat problems Michigan homeowners have including bats in the atticbat in the house, or bat control issues. Bats are not like any other mammal or rodent in the Michigan wild. Bats are the only flying mammal in the state of Michigan. For this reason they can cause many problems in your home and attic. Explaining different types of bat problems here, may help you understand how to treat your problem and what to look for. Bat problems in Michigan occur for several reasons. Below are some reasons why bats can be a problem
  • Leaving doors and windows open
  • No cap on the chimney
  • Roof line construction gaps
  • No screens on vents
  • Improper caulking
  • No flashing in the eaves
Why might these cause a bat problem? Well obviously leaving doors and windows open can let any type of wildlife in. A recent trip to Florida for a wildlife control convention we discovered a company who dealt primarily with alligators. One of their strangest calls was a gator in the house. We have also been on several calls for the strangest scenarios with home owners or renters leaving their door open. Squirrel, birds, mice, rats, and bats have all entered the home because a door was left open. Even though bats will enter through an open door it is very unlikely. If you have a bat in the house, 99 out of 100 times it's because bats are living in your attic or chimney. Usually during maternity season is when the bats will enter your home through gaps in the drywall or vents because the pups are just learning to take flight. They get lost and end up in your home. During winter or colder months bats are usually moving around during hibernation to find warmer areas and end up in your house

Chimney caps are great to keep all wildlife out of your home. Bat problems in chimneys or fireplaces are because there is no cap over the flue or there are gaps in the mortar. If you have a bat problem in the chimney you may want to look to put a cap over the chimney flue. It's not recommended to put a cap on with out excluding the bats first. The one-way door method is the best way to exclude problem bats from your chimney or fireplace. Caps are not always the only thing needed to keep bats out. Often 1/2 inch screen underneath the cap will keep the bats out and still allow it to vent properly. It's not recommended to only use screen on the chimney flue to keep bats out, because it will pile up with snow and leaves.

Roof line construction gaps are on most homes. The biggest reason for this is because roofers are not sealing your house with intention to keep bats and other wildlife out. Home is never bat proofed 100% unless you hire a pro bat control company. Construction gaps in roofs will give home owners bat problems in the attic. Bat problems in the attic is your most common service. We get rid of bats from attics more than any other service. 90% of our calls are because people have bat problems in their attic. During the real estate boom in Michigan houses were being built so frequently not every nook and cranny could be sealed to perfection. Even though your home is shingled, flashed, painted, and caulked this is still not enough to solve your bat problem. It's important to have a bat removal pro to bat proof your home. We know what to look for and have successfully completed thousands of live bat exclusions and prevention on homes in Michigan.

Gable vents, ridge vents, and roof vents will cause your home to have problems if not properly screened. Most homes with vents will have screens, but not many are screened properly. Gable vents and canned are often screened, but with very thin fiberglass screen. Thin window screen is never durable enough to solve your bat problem. Bats and other nuisance animals can enter right through your vents by clawing or chewing their way through. We see bats roosting in gable vents or under ridge vents all the time. Bat guano has high acid concentrate much like bird droppings. When it sits against screen it will eat right through it causing gaping holes. Once the holes appear, bats will get into your attic causing a bat problem. This type of bat problem can be fixed or prevented by putting a strong 1/8" hardware cloth over top of the louvers on the gable vents. This prevents roosting and entry into the attic. 

Another way bats enter your home or attic is because of improper caulking of your home. When your home is painted or sided caulking is a must. Caulking needs to be done around the entire perimeter of the home or you may encounter a bat problem. Sealing around your home will alleviate bat problems. Homes that are not caulked properly will leave construction gaps along the soffit, brick, or siding. This allows bats to cling to the side of your home and crawl in. 

The number one problem we see homes with bat problems in no flashing in the eaves. Typical construction gaps are left open in the eaves to allow the roofers to slide shingles under the soffits so there is no visible wood. Back flashing would prevent bat problems from the beginning. Michigan building code does not always call for flashing so to save time and cost roofers will go with out flashing. Good flashing in the eaves or other areas on the home will solve your bat problem and keep bats out.

What if Bats are in My Attic?
Bats in The AtticBats in the attic will cause several problems. The main bat problem with bats living in the attic is the mess they leave behind. Bat guano or bat feces can create a health risk because of the bacteria and fungi it holds. If the mold spores from the bat guano become airborne it can get into your vents and holes in the drywall making you sick. Lung infection diseases like histoplasmosis are the main concern with inhaling these airborne spores. If your bat problem has been going on for your years the bat guano can destroy your attic. We see damaged insulation, drywall, and even framing from the bat guano and urine. A home we went to in Lainsburg, MI had bats for over 20 years causing the ceiling to cave in because the bat guano was piled so high. If bats do take up residence in the attic it's best to exclude them the clean up the mess. Attic restoration is our specialty. We clean out all of the damaged insulation and decontaminate the attic. Once we clean it out we can re-insulate it to proper code.     

As you can see there are several types of bat problems in Michigan and most other states for that matter. Natural habitats just don't exist in South East, MI. Fortunately for the bats there are still structures for the bats to live in. Unfortunately these roosting areas in homes and attics cause home owners bat problems. From understanding the different types of bat problems you may encounter will hopefully help you solve your bat problem or prevent it in the future. We take care of all types of bat problems throughout the entire state of Michigan no matter the size of colony, size of job, or work involved. If you have a bat problem and live in the State of Michigan we can solve it for you. While reading this article you have come across several links which will walk you through the bat removal and control process. Have more questions or if you have encountered other bat problems not listed here please contact us so we can help.

Bats in the Attic- How to Get Rid of Them

Hearing scratching late at night? Fluttering through your walls? We think its a birdmice, or other rodent.  Well guess again, you've probably got bats in the attic.  Bats in Michigan are dwelling bats, meaning they live in caves or cave like structures.  What better place for a bat to live then a very hot sheltered attic keeping them free from predators and high off the ground making it an easy way out to feed at night.  We generally find that bats will enter a structure 7 to 8 feet and higher.  Big brown and little brown bats are the most common bats to find in your Michigan house attic.  These are colonizing bats because they live in large groups.  These colonies can be referred as maternity or male bachelor colonies.  Maternal mothers will have their pups here so they can be nurtured, raised, and protected.  

Seeing a lot of bat droppings in the attic but there are no bats in sight?  Well this is because bats will find crevices and warm places like under your insulation to live.  We assume bats will be hanging upside down up high in the attic.  This can be true sometimes but in Michigan the weather is so up and down, the bats need warm areas to survive.  During the hottest months like August and September you may see bats hanging there.  

Why can't you just go up there and grab the bats?  Well you can't ever get to the whole colony.  Even if you did grab them all up and relocate them to another area they will always come back.  No matter how far away you take them.  Bats are persistent and will try to get back into their roosting areas up to five years.  Its important to make sure your home is bat proofed and all the necessary repairs are done to keep the bats out.

Using Bat Repellents in Your Michigan Home

There is no such thing as a "bat repellent".  There are many gimmick devices out there that claim to be repellents but they flat out do not work.  High frequency devices that plug into your wall will not work either.  We have been in thousands of attics and seen extension cords running every which way with high frequency ultrasonic devices plugged into them trying to get the bats to fly out.  If anything they move the bats closer to you, down your wall through an open register vent and into your home.

Moth balls, bat baits, bat repellents are all very infective. They don't work! In fact they end up making your bat problem a larger issue than it has to be.  

Bat removal takes a lot of effort and patients.  Most people are looking for a quick, cheap and effective way to take care of the bat issue.  Consider a professional bat removal specialist to remove your bats for you. We guarantee getting rid of your bats and always back it with a full five year warranty.

Michigan Bat Trapping Specialists

We don't use bat traps when getting rid of bats.  Years ago companies would find your entry point, hook up a 50 lb bat box to the opening and wait for the bats to fly into the box.  Well more times than not, they would come back, check the box, and all the bats would be dead.  Bats are very docile creatures and don't survive in stressful environments.  I have come across many situations with misinformed companies trying to use traps to get rid of a bat problem.  Glue boards stapled to the rafters and laid under insulation are examples of what unintelligent pest control companies use.  They kill several bats and thats it. Next season the bats are back because no entry points were repaired.  Bat trapping is not effective and very inhumane way of getting rid of your bat problem.  

When we think of getting rid of wildlife, most of us assume you have to trap them, catch them or spray poisons to get rid of them.  This is true with insects,raccoonsskunks, etc., but with bats this isn't very effective.  Consider "live bat exclusions" when taking care of your bat problems.

Killing Bats- Not How to Solve a Bat Problem

Bats are state and federally protected animals. Do not kill bats, it is illegal.  Because of West Nile and other various diseases bats are great to control the insect population and prevent the spread of diseases. 

Killing bats does not solve your bat problem it just makes it worse.  Decaying bats in your attic or wall will leave a very fowell odor that you will have to deal with for a very long time. 

Fines for killing bats in Michigan can be up to $5,000.

Michigan Bat Control

Bat control in Michigan is our main service and our specialty.  We service many types of structures; commercial buildingsresidential homes, log cabins, hotels, office buildings, etc.  Michigan bat control can be defined by locating colonies of bats within structures, excluding the bats, bat proofing the building, and cleaning up bat guano.  

If bat control in Michigan isn't done thousand of bats could colonize into a building and live there for many generations.  First generation bats will double, then triple, so on and so on.  Bats are mammals that are great for our environment but need to be controlled and kept out of living and working structures.

If roosting areas stay constructed bats can live there for thousand of years.  They create great harm to the structure, but more importantly the health of humans.  Bat guano can remove paint, ruin insulation, corrode metals, and block ventilation systems.  If the colonies remain in tact long enough the amount of bat guano can begin to fall through dry wall and drop ceilings into the living quarters.  When bat guano drys into a dust form it will be come airborne and potential inhaled causing lung infection diseases.

Michigan Bat Removal 

Michigan bat removal is our specialty. Getting rid of bats from homes and attics is what takes up about 90% of our time.  We are constantly studying and researching how to get rid of bats, bat species in Michigan, and bat habitats.  Bat Removal is only one technique to get rid of bats.  Bats tend to roost in high sheltered areas like eaves, vents, and shingles. Bat removal can be done by hand. For example a bat may be hanging on a blind or a curtain in a home, so we go in and grab it by hand and take it away.  Bat removal should never be done by bat trapping, poisoning, exterminating, or by using bat repellents.  There is only one correct way to remove bats and that is by a live bat exclusion

Here are some areas bats need to be removed from...
  • Eave trough 
  • Gable vents
  • Under shingles
  • In soffits
  • Under ridge vents
  • Hanging above door
Bat Removal from Eaves
One of the number one entry points for bats is through the eaves or soffits.  Generally this is at the point of intersection where 2 roof lines come together. Often there are construction gaps because the roofers leave openings to lay the shingles under so no bare wood is showing.  Well in reality they are suppose to be back flashed but 99% of the time they are not.  Bat removal from eaves is done with an exclusion tube or bat netting. Bats will fly out but not be able to return. 

Bat Removal from Gable Vents

If eaves are the number one point of entry then gable vents are a close second.  Bats will land on the louvers and hang on the interior screen.  Some of the older homes may not even have screen behind the louvers.  If there is no screen the bats have easy access into your attic.  Even if the vents are screened doesn't mean the bats can not gain entry into the attic.  Bats will roost on the thin window screen behind the louvers and rot the screen away.  Once the feces and urine build up it will eat right through the screen. As the air flow moves through the gable it will bust the screen wide open. Thus bats have free opportunity to fly right into your attic.  
Bats are removed from gables a few different ways...
  1. You may either remove bats by hand if the louvers are far enough apart. You have to wear gloves and be comfortable on a ladder.  This really isn't a recommended  way to get rid of the bats from the gable vents.  
  2. If the bats in the gable vent is a recent problem and the screen from the inside is intact you may want to consider this option: From inside the attic spray water onto the bats. The bats will fly out. Once they are out screen over top of the lovers to prevent the return.  Its also important to make sure any other openings on your home are sealed as well. 
  3. The third option and most effective is to install screen over top of the louvers where the bats are roosting. Leave one corner open so you can install an exclusion device. The bats will fly out but not get back in. You still have to make sure the rest of the home is sealed tight.

Bats Under shingles
We find bats roosting under shingles all the time.  Shingles get nice and warm for the bats to live under during the summer.  Bats can be removed from underneath shingles by hand but most of the time they're hard to get at.  We have been on bat removal projects with slate top shingles, cedar shake shingles, steal roofs, and California style roofs.  
  • Slate Rock: We once worked on Monastery home in Lake Orion with over 10,000 bats living it.  This was a difficult project but nevertheless one we were willing to take on.  We used a roofing caulk to seal around all of the tiles.  Not an easy task but one that had to be done.  
  • Cedar shake: style homes can be difficult as well.  Generally it is the ridge cap that possesses the most trouble.  Cedar shake ridge caps are mostly open to the outside with no screen.  It's import for these roofs to ventilate properly.  We screen all the caps from inside the attic using a 1/4" hardware cloth. But before we can do this we have to lay bat netting over top of the ridge cap so the bats can get out but not return. A lot of homes in Fenton, MI have this style roof. 
  •  Steal roof tops: are hard to work on. They are very slippery and require advanced safety equipment.  Many times the bats will enter or roost under the grooves where the steal roof pieces meet with one another.  A lot of times we seal in between all the grooves so the bats can not enter into the attic or home. 
  • Cailifornia Style: In Petoskey, MI we removed bats from this style home.  The bats on these roofs will enter through the eaves, but mostly through the ridge vents.  Here we have to lay bat netting over the vents so the bats can get out but not back in. Once the bats are excluded all of the ridge vent caps have to be undone and screened underneath.  Once we screen underneath them we nail the caps back on. 

Bat Removal From Ridge Vents
In recent years we have found ridge vents to be a major problem when dealing with bats.  There are different styles of ridge vents. Metal ridge caps, plastic ridge caps, or interwoven style.  
  • Plastic ridge caps: may be the best for airflow but they are absolutely horrible when trying to prevent bats from entering the attic.  Plastic ridge caps like cobra style can be effective bat proofing vents if installed properly. There must be a screen underneath and the gutter edge of the vent should be secured to the roof line.  If these caps are cut too long they will present a wave to them allowing for bats to enter through open areas in the ridge cap. Plastic also heats up on the hottest days of the year forcing the plastic to return to its original state which is flat. Roof tops are not flat and neither should the ridge caps.  
  • Metal ridge caps: will lose the rubber end pieces letting the bats right in through the end caps.  
  • Interwoven ridge caps: Maybe the best type of ridge cap to use to deter bats would be the interwoven style.  Maybe not the best for ventilation but definitely the best to keep bats out. Unless the cap is damaged bats can not get through them. 
Bat removal from ridge vents is done through an exclusion process.  The entire ridge vent is sealed, yet still open for venting.  One way doors are installed to exclude any preexisting bats from their roost.  One way doors are left up until all bats are excluded. Once the bats are gone the rest of the ridge vent can be fixed.

Is there a bat hanging over your front door?
Call an expert to remove it by hand.  If this isn't an option for you then try a couple of techniques to keep the bats from hanging.  Tape or staple aluminum foil or metal flashing to the area where they are hanging. The bats will try to hang on it but wont be able to grip onto it. Also when they give off their high frequency pitch it will reflect right off of the aluminum and deter them from landing.  Battery operated motion lights sometimes do the trick. The bats fly in and the light kicks on. Bats can be sensitive to light and when it flashes in their eyes they will turn around and fly else where.  Another thing you may try is cleaning the areas where the bats are hanging with ammonia. Not only will it clean off the urine staining it will get rid of the odor. Bats are attracted to there odor they leave behind.

Not only are we bat removal experts we also provide a full service wildlife control company through out many areas of South East, MI. Our services range from rodent control, bird control, wildlife prevention, attic decontamination, and nuisance animal trapping. Some nuisance animals we get rid of include mice, rats, bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, fox, and groundhogs. 

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